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Productivity Efficiency Improvement

Increase Warehouse Productivity by Combating Slippage


Stable operations don't always indicate productive operations, in fact productivity creep often occurs without being noticed. Other factors that affect productivity creep are the introduction of new work streams, often at short notice as a reaction of either customer imposition or fear of lost opportunities.

Means2 offer a service of productivity improvement audits to try and help you see the wood for the trees. Generally following "a day in the life" of your business through sales order receipt ~ purchase order ~ pick ~ despatch. Depending on your needs we can offer flow process models that will illustrate the key elements of primary tasks, highlighting any issues and likely ways of combating them.

Typically these audits will consist of 1 - 2 days detailed interviews with staff followed by another 2 days formulating our report; a health check in under a week...

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